• If you need a room for a roommate to help with your rent, a nursery for a new addition to the family, a home office or any additional room, a temporary wall is ideal. You will find that a temporary wall, will define your space and give you increased privacy..

    No Nails No Screws No Damage

  • • Our walls are built on location.
    • Our pressurized wall systems are designed to be
    • Easily removed, without any damage.

    No Nails No Screws No Damage

  • Art Gallery Wall Panels

    Our panels are fabricated using solid wood framing furniture quality plywood for strength. The panels measure 48 inches wide X 94 inches tall. These panels can be set up in any configuration, making the most out of the space available. Our walls are finished white and can be used for display on both sides.

“Temporary Pressurized Wall Systems That Can Be Installed In One Day"

These days, your space is your privacy. Weather it’s where you go home to lay your head at night, or your office to start the day. That’s why it’s always important to make sure your space is always your space. We are very flexible and build according to your comfort and personal style. With L.A. Wall Company, installing a temporary pressurized wall at your location is easier than it’s ever been. No screws or nails and don’t worry about damages. Our temporary wall systems are custom-fit to your space and situation, making it all too easy for customers to create the space they need as soon as possible.

Our wall systems can be installed in one day. They’re also built to be taken down easily, so customers won’t have to worry about unnecessary damage. It goes up easy and down even easier — that’s what L.A. Wall Company is all about.

When we build a wall, we’re building it the right way. We use only new construction materials made in America, as we do not believe any outdated or second-hand material should be used to save costs on a job. These materials are measured at 2 by 4 steel framing, covered with a half inch of dry wall. The walls are finished smooth then primed and painted. They are never attached to the floor, ceiling or walls.