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  • If you need a room for a roommate to help with your rent, a nursery for a new addition to the family, a home office or any additional room, a temporary wall is ideal. You will find that a temporary wall, will define your space and give you increased privacy.

    No Nails No Screws No Damage

  • • Our walls are built on location.
    • Our pressurized wall systems are designed to be
    • Easily removed, without any damage.

    No Nails No Screws No Damage

  • Art Gallery Wall Panels

    Our panels are fabricated using solid wood framing furniture quality plywood for strength. The panels measure 48 inches wide X 94 inches tall. These panels can be set up in any configuration, making the most out of the space available. Our walls are finished white and can be used for display on both sides.

“Temporary Pressurized Wall Systems That Can Be Installed In One Day"