The Los Angeles area is full of high-rise apartment buildings as well as exclusive condos. While these spaces are absolutely gorgeous, space is notoriously limited. You have a bit more maneuverability with re-configuring when you own the space, but for renters this can be a challenge. Even for those who work far beyond the 9-5 shift, there is not much time for renovations.

Even still, you might be yearning for additional bedrooms, closets, an office, kitchen pantry or whatever other kind of space you deem essential. A simple and effective solution is a pressurized wall. These “walls” are perfect for apartment and condo residents needing to expand living quarters.

A well-constructed pressurized wall is a wall that is not secured to walls, the ceiling or floor. It looks just like a regular wall made from drywall and 2x4s and you can even have a door or window installed. In one short afternoon, you can have that extra space you need that lacks in a typical apartment.

Other benefits of pressurized walls for apartment living is that they’re not weight bearing nor do they need to be tacked onto studs. You can place a pressurized wall wherever you see fit in a small space. Plus, if you’re renting, your landlord might be more apt to allow this kind of construction because removing the wall is just as easy as installing it.

Now, if you find your apartment to be bleak and too sleek, we have found some really interesting ways to spice up the place. Browse DIY Blogs like for inexpensive, simple but yet dramatic wall treatments.

If you’re finding it hard to designate space for everything you need, a pressurized wall is a very feasible solution. Contact LA Wall Company today.