Temporary Walls for Rental Properties in Southern California

When you own a home in LA and Orange County, or another area within Southern California, you’re free to do whatever you want in order to utilize the space better. You can knock down walls, add or eliminate rooms, and change the entire layout of your home. Unfortunately, however, the same luxury does not apply when you rent a home. Carrying out construction or remodeling projects is often out of the question for those in rental properties.

Luckily there is a simple solution for those who are interested in creating more space in their Southern California rental properties. LA Wall Company can provide you with special pressurized walls that are temporary, which means there will be no permanent damage done to structures when you have them installed. Despite their lack of permanence, our temporary walls look and feel just like regular walls when installed properly. You can even add windows to create more natural light and make the walls more functional.

Temporary walls designed and installed by LA Wall Company are also ideal for rental property owners – not just their tenants.

If your LA county property has one very large bedroom that can reasonably be split into two rooms, that’s one extra living space that you can list when advertising the property for rent. More bedrooms equal more monthly income for you when you can charge a higher rent fee. It’s a simply, cost-effective way to make improvements to your property without having to dump funds into an expensive and time-consuming construction project.

Whether you’re a renter looking to utilize your rental property space better or you’re an Orange County landlord looking for a way to affordably improve your property for more rental income, the pressurized walls from LA Wall Company will do the trick. Simply give us a call at 818-919-0942 today to learn more about how our pressurized walls for rental properties in Southern California work.