Many of us work from home nowadays for a variety of reasons – a single parent with young children; a disabled person for whom traveling to and from a job would be difficult; someone who just wants the convenience of staying at home to work. Whatever the reason, working from home is more and more popular and a lot of people seek jobs where doing so is an option.

Studies have shown that productivity increases for home workers who have a designated and dedicated workspace, a room they can make their own. The freedom to personalize the space with photos, posters, artwork, knick-knacks, and wall treatments makes for a happier place in which to get your work done, and can actually be a source of inspiration and creativity, thus increasing your output.

For people who do not have an actual office in their homes, for those in apartments and those who rent, temporary pressurized walls are a way to create a special workspace, and they can be put up in less than a day and taken down just as easily. And the beauty of them, especially for renters, is that you can paint them as you wish, put up wallpaper, hang paintings, do faux treatments, and your landlord will most likely be okay with it. You can create for yourself a place of solace and comfort, where working is not a chore.

Working from home means that you can wear your jammies and take coffee breaks whenever you wish, play music if that helps you to think, and even keep the television on if you find that conducive to creating a better working ambiance. Whatever you wish to make it, it is your space, and you can dress it up or down, depending on your mood. Your home office can reflect who you are, how you feel, and makes doing your work an absolute joy, meaning that your work will be better, more thorough and accurate. All this creates a pleasant environment, one that you screate for yourself; and it makes you a more effective employee.