Back to School, but with a Total Stranger.

This is an important time for recent high school graduates, as they prepare for college and leaving the nest. College is synonymous with poverty for some. As with enrollment, many college students choose to save money by living off-campus with friends, sometimes even in studio apartments.
These studio “apartments” are not always exclusive spaces, but for their affordability and convenience to campus, they serve the purpose. To save on rent, most college students choose to room with a couple of friends. This can pose a challenge for space when space is not designated in a studio apartment.

The solution? A pressurized wall.

Pressurized walls are a unique way of creating additional living space without a complete renovation or long construction project. A pressurized wall is a framed wall that uses a pressurized system to separate spaces with the wall not being nailed into the floor or ceiling. Pressurized walls are great for those students who are attending city colleges where your only choices for living arrangements are tiny spaces.

Pressurized walls are constructed using metal framing, and covered with drywall installation can take as little as five hours from start to finish. A completed wall has been coated with plaster and Painted for a “real” look. These walls often include doors and windows.
As means for expanding living space, a pressurized wall will give college students a reliable source for creating a “home” in a place where they make roots for the next four years. Moreover, pressurized walls are more cost-friendly than a complete renovation would be and we all know the struggles of living on a budget while attending school.

To make the start of the school year easier, know your living arrangements ahead of time. If you want a no hassle and stress free solution for expanding living space, choose a pressurized wall. Contact LA Wall Company today for more information.