Advantages of Adding a Temporary Wall to Your Apartment

Apartment living is the perfect solution for small families or people aiming to save a bit of money, splitting the cost of rent among multiple roommates.

Apartment Temporary Walls LAHowever, since apartments are notorious for not offering much in the way of space, tenants need a cost-effective solution for creating more privacy and rooms without upsetting the landlord.

Enter temporary walls!

Temporary walls are the solution you need to increase personal space, create some additional rooms, save money, and keep the landlord happy.

Increases personal space

If there is one feature that apartments tend to lack, it is ample personal space for all tenants. Living in close quarters with a roommate (or roommates) at all times creates a need for some privacy and time away from the noise.

Temporary walls help separate your space from your roommate’s, clearly dividing your space into two equal sections. This gives you both that much-needed personal space and gives you room to breathe.

Generates additional rooms

Perhaps you added another roommate to your two-bedroom apartment to help pay the rent, or maybe your family is growing and you need more space to fit the bunch.

The solution? Temporary walls.

These walls allow you to add another room to your current apartment, meaning you can stay in your current space at the same rent rather than having to move into a more expensive place. This helps divide your two-bedroom apartment into a three or four-bedroom.

Saves you moneyApartment Temporary Walls LA

Saving money is one of the main reasons people stay in an apartment rather than move into a house. The ability to split the rent and utilities costs over multiple people helps you cut costs in the long run. By using affordable temporary walls rather than moving into a larger apartment or forking over loads of cash for a more permanent solution, you save money and create the space you need.

Keeps the landlord happy

Landlords and property managers stress over keeping their apartments picture-perfect; after all, they need the space to last through multiple tenants and families in order to stay in business.

Temporary walls are the perfect solution for picky landlords who don’t want you changing the layout of their apartments with permanent installations. Temporary walls are not secured to the walls, ceiling, or floor, resulting in zero damage to the apartment (aka, music to the landlord’s ears).

Let LA Wall Company transform your apartment into your ideal space with temporary pressurized walls, a simple and effective solution for all of your spacing needs. Give us a call at 818-919-0942 today to learn more about adding temporary walls to your apartment!