How to Plan a Successful Art Gallery

Art Gallery Walls Los AngelesLos Angeles is booming with aspiring artists waiting to get their work out there with galleries popping up left and right.

If you’re thinking about planning an art gallery, then we have a few tips that will help you make it a success!

Choose a theme for your gallery

Of course, artists shouldn’t be constricted in any instance, but your gallery should have an overarching theme that connects all the artists involved.

You’ll find that your theme takes on a mind of its own, being interpreted differently by every artist.

It should be flexible enough to allow your artists to create freely, but focused, to ensure the pieces featured in your gallery are cohesive.

Find the right space to house your art gallery

Once you have your unique theme solidified, you need to find a space that will be conducive for your gallery. The space must be large enough to hold the art installations you and your accompanying artists plan to showcase and complement the work, not take away from it.

Display artwork creatively with freestanding gallery walls

If you found a space that you love, but there aren’t a lot of places to hang your art, you don’t have to compromise; you can use gallery walls!

Or perhaps the space you chose needs some extra walls to properly display the artwork. With freestanding panels finished in flat white, you are able to display art on both sides.

You can even make the gallery wall into art!

Kelsey Montague Wall Art

In a recent project, artist Kelsey Montague (@KelseyMontagueArt) created this beautiful piece for WordPress and their #AnythingIsPossible campaign.

The LA Wall Co. team were honored to be a part of something so inspiring!

It started with one of our plain gallery walls.

We made the necessary cutouts to create this new and  unique shape and then Kelsey began to draw right on the wall.

At LA Wall Company, our gallery and exhibition walls are made using solid wood framing and high-quality plywood, ensuring reliability and strength.

Give us a call at 818-919-0942 to learn more about our gallery walls and planning a layout that works for you!